Monday, August 23, 2010

Solaris 10 update 10

There is a another update planned for Solaris 10 after the yet to be released Solaris 10 9/10. It is still very unclear and probably not fully decided what this update will include, but i'we found indications on the following:
  • RDSv3 for use with Oracel RAC
  • PSARC/2007/587 Volo Low Latency Socket Framework
  • PSARC/2010/108 zil synchronicity
  • Adobe reader for X86 version 9.3.X
  • Lightning Thunderbird extension for Oracle Beehive
With the zil synchronicity update it seems likely that the next update, just as the last few, will get a large backport of ZFS code from Solaris Next, but with some features turned off, deduplication will be still be disable in update 10. This would release will probably also include support for the new SPARC T processors with better single thread performance, releasing them without having an well established operating system supporting it would probably not make much sense. Since update 9 is not even released yet but planned for this fall update 10 will probably be delivered mid next year or towards Oracle World 2011. I would not be surprised if this will be the last update to Solaris 10 before moving on to Solaris 11.

John Fowler mentioned the upcoming Solaris 10 updates in the systems webcast:

"We will continue to produce Solaris 10 updates for some time for customers who are used to and have deployed Solaris 10 and want to take advantage of new hardware platforms. Comming up with new product introductions this year and then extending in the previous years"

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Omar Ahmad said...

Just to add, in Solaris 10u10, has brand new LIVE UPGRADE CODE as well.
Oracle re-wrote LU because previous LU has lots of issues with zones and was too buggy.
I hope Oracle has fixed all the issues of LU in Solaris 10u10.