Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sun is readying Solaris 10/08

The release of Solaris 10/08 is getting close, the sun.com website has some updates to what new features we can expect in this release. I have mentioned some of them earlier, but this is what Sun want to highlight:

xVM guest support
Major ZFS update including ZFS boot
New HW support including Intel Xeon 7400
LDOM enhancements (MPxIO, dynamic I/O reconfiguration)
X64 Fault management enhancements
NVIDIA SATA enhancements

I sure hopes bugid 6637869 is finally fixed in this release so migrating zones will be practical in a supported way. (6637869 zone attach doesn't handle obsolete patches correctly)

This release will be a great leap forward for patching and upgrading when used together with ZFS snapshots and live upgrade. To always be able to roll back changes in a matter of minutes when upgrading or patching without adding extra disk and copying data for hours will be of tremendous value in an production environment. This update also address the need to be able to place Solaris Zones on a ZFS filesystem and still be able to upgrade and patch without restrictions.

I'll post an update when i get my hands on this new release mid October.