Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joyent presentations @ FISL 13

Joyent had a several speakers at the FISL 13 conference and presentations/slides are now available online.

Bryan Cantrill, Corporate Open Source Anti-Patterns: Doing It Wrong
video, slides
Bryan speaks his mind about corporate open source patterns with insights from Sun, the OpenSolaris project and Joyent. He does a bad job hiding what he thinks of Oracle ;)

Brendan Gregg, Performance analysis, the USE method
slides, video
Brendan on performance analysis using the USE method with good examples.

Update: Added Brendans video.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lots of packages for SmartOS, soon for OpenIndiana

There is now a huge package repository available for illumos-based distributions, initially a dependency prevents it from running on OpenIndiana but that is being fixed:

9000 packages available for SmartOS and illumos

The packages contains a current PostgresSQL (9.1.3), MySQL, Apache, Ruby 1.9.3, Python 3.2.3 both with lots of modules plus many other useful packages.

All should work on SmartOS and when fixed for OpenIndiana this slightly modified procedure (without sudo and install gtar first) should work, as root:

# pkg install gnu-tar
# curl | (cd /; gtar -zxpf - )
# pkgin -y update
# pkgin avail | wc -l
# pkgin search ...
# sudo pkgin -y install
I'll update this entry as soon as it works for OpenIndiana.

Good summary of enhancements in illumos ZFS

I found a good summary of enhancements to the free ZFS implementation in illumos:New features in open source ZFS

Also well worth a read is is Matt Ahrens post about the performance of the new async destroy: Performance of zfs destroy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

OpenIndiana updated (oi_151a5)

A new pre-stable release of OpenIndiana was released a few days ago (oi_151a5), the fifth since the initial illumos-based oi_151a development release in September. Besides bugfixes and minor enhancements the this new release also includes a refresh of the illumos code base which includes a few new noticeable features:

  • ZFS feature flags 
  • ASynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems 
  • ZFS send progress output

There have also been quite a few userland updates, all is documented in the release notes including a list of CVE-fixes:

OI_151a_prestable5 Release Notes

Update or download images here.