Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LDOM 3.0

Oracle have release Oracle VM for SPARC 3.0 (LDOM).
  • Enhances the resource affinity capability to address memory affinity.
  • Retrieves a service processor (SP) configuration from the SP into the bootset, which is on the control domain.
  • Enhances the domain shutdown process. This feature enables you to specify whether to perform a full shutdown (default), a quick kernel stop, or force a shutdown.
  • Adds Oracle Solaris 11 support for Oracle VM Server for SPARC Management Information Base (MIB).
  • Enables a migration process to be initiated without specifying a password on the target system.
  • Enables the live migration feature while the source machine, target machine, or both, have the power management (PM) elastic policy in effect.
  • Enables the dynamic resource management (DRM) feature while the host machine has the PM elastic policy in effect.

I hope this release removes the restriction that prevented dynamic reconfiguration of resources after a live migration.
This release also seems to have been tested on upcoming SPARC processors: "7159011 M4/T5: Migration fails initialization on Logical Domains Manager startup" including Fujitsu Athena: "RFE: Cross CPU Migration support between Athena server and T series".

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Documentation