Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too tight diamond shoes

I've encountered a terrible problem today, one of our hosts had more resources that it should, fortunate it was a T5120 so it was easy to disable hardware from the SP:

For (strand=P63;strand >= P32, strand ):
Remove half of all the strands 32 ( 4 cores ), P64 down to P32:
-> SYS /SYS/MB/CMP0/P63 component_state=Disabled

Remove half of the memory, disable memory branch BR3 and BR2:
-> set /SYS/MB/CMP0/BR3/CH0/D0 component_state=Disabled
-> set /SYS/MB/CMP0/BR3/CH0/D1 component_state=Disabled

Reset the system to apply the changes:
-> reset /SYS