Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LDOM 3.0

Oracle have release Oracle VM for SPARC 3.0 (LDOM).
  • Enhances the resource affinity capability to address memory affinity.
  • Retrieves a service processor (SP) configuration from the SP into the bootset, which is on the control domain.
  • Enhances the domain shutdown process. This feature enables you to specify whether to perform a full shutdown (default), a quick kernel stop, or force a shutdown.
  • Adds Oracle Solaris 11 support for Oracle VM Server for SPARC Management Information Base (MIB).
  • Enables a migration process to be initiated without specifying a password on the target system.
  • Enables the live migration feature while the source machine, target machine, or both, have the power management (PM) elastic policy in effect.
  • Enables the dynamic resource management (DRM) feature while the host machine has the PM elastic policy in effect.

I hope this release removes the restriction that prevented dynamic reconfiguration of resources after a live migration.
This release also seems to have been tested on upcoming SPARC processors: "7159011 M4/T5: Migration fails initialization on Logical Domains Manager startup" including Fujitsu Athena: "RFE: Cross CPU Migration support between Athena server and T series".

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Documentation


Anonymous said...

people want KVM

Henkis said...

Some people most certainly want that but not for virtualizing Solaris. Others want virtualization with no overhead and uses zones. Others run SPARC and uses LDOM for full virtualization implemented in firmware which has some advantages.