Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oracle confirms Solaris 11

John Fowel, executive vice president of system, now at Oracle have disclosed some a timeframe for the Solaris 11 release. It should be released in 2011 and contain many of the new features and enhancements that has been implemented in OpenSolaris. It should even contain a superset of what is currently in OpenSolaris, with new technologies created after the Oracle acquisition.

I've previously discussed that Oracle might be focusing on Solaris 11 instead of OpenSolaris, and that seems to have been correct. They does not mention any new release of OpenSolaris in this web event.

This also confirms the name "Solaris 11" for the next Solaris release which always officially have been Solaris next or Solaris.next since marketing wants to have the options open for the name of the next release. Many of you probably remember the change from Solaris 2.7 to Solaris 7.

I will write more when I and if more information is made available, the web event will be made available online later.

You can read the whole article from Serverwatch here.

Update: Eweek has some more information regarding this while awaiting the webcast. Oracle plans to double the performance of SPARC every year through 2015: Oracle Outlines SPARC, Solaris 11 Plans.

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