Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oracle pulls ON source cord

Oracle have now pulled the plug on the ON source updates, the external hg repository will no longer be updated by Oracle (or anyone else), all Oracle Solaris development will be internally and code only released when a Solaris 11 release is made. The last complete build tag became onnv_147 which closed a few days ago.

May god have mercy on their souls.

This will change my habits a bit, everyday went through the changes in the ON gates to see what have happened. But this might not be the and of days, Garrett D'Amore write about this and the affects on Illumos in his blog. He states that from now on ON and Illumos will go different ways but is very enthusiastic about it. I really hope the Illumos will get momentum and attract enough engineers to stand on it's own. There must be a free Solaris alternative or it will become an Enterprise only option with no community involvement.

I would expect that binary distributions based on the latest source available will become available from some place quite soon. A newer version than the snv_134 which contains a few nasty bugs is long overdue.

The new place to look for changes in the open ON source:

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