Monday, August 2, 2010

Lots of enhancements, no build available

Since build 134 of OpenSolaris which once was destined to become the OpenSolaris 2010.1H release quite a lot have changed. If there was a release based on that build today it would feel a bit old giving all the changes now available. I took a look on some of the larger or in my opinion more noticeable changes and made a list. It makes you want to get your hands on a Solaris Next developmen build soon, or at least update the home rolled builds to b146 once it is finished. The development efforts does not seem to have decreased, it's a shame we still don't have any public builds to test all these new features.

This list is just a overview of the enhancements, there have been over 1300 putbacks containing over 2200 bugfixes including many new features. This is only the OS/Net consolidation with the core part of OpenSolaris not including PKG, X, JDS or the many free software packages available for installation from the package repositories.

PSARC/2010/014 Open Source elxl replacement
PSARC/2010/042 increase max TCP_INIT_CWND
PSARC/2008/532 NWAM Phase 1
PSARC/2009/576 pam_krb5 PKINIT support
PSARC/2010/004 Logical Domains Information API and ldminfo
PSARC/2010/067 Interim modernization updates
PSARC/2010/045 x86gentopo enumeration of direct attached SATA
PSARC/2009/354 Always on / no reboot Solaris Audit
PSARC/2009/364 dlstat and flowstat
PSARC/2010/041 USB CDC ECM driver
PSARC/2010/062 increase number of realtime signals
PSARC/2009/689 Audio DDI Simplifications
PSARC/2009/534 SMB/CIFS Standalone DFS
PSARC/2010/009 Modified ZFS passthrough-x ACL inheritance
PSARC/2010/032 EC and SHA2 for KMF
PSARC/2010/013 SMF Early Manifest Import
PSARC/2009/104 Hot-Plug Support for ACPI-based Systems
PSARC/2009/306 Brussels II - ipadm and libipadm
PSARC/2009/421 Open Fabrics User Verbs (OFUV) - primary kernel components
PSARC/2009/019 SAS Management Protocol library
PSARC/2010/102 ikeadm dump algs
PSARC/2010/085 IPoIB Administration Enhancement
PSARC/2010/029 Improved ACL interoperability
PSARC/2010/101 in.iked preshared key file extensions
PSARC/2010/048 zfs-based ndmpd backup
PSARC/2010/119 "Console User" assignment, logindevperm and virtual console update
PSARC/2010/043 Reliable Datagram Service v3
PSARC/2009/377 In-kernel pfexec implementation.
PSARC/2010/108 zil synchronicity
PSARC/2010/127 ipadm hostmodel property
PSARC/2010/155 sshd(1M) PAM Service name options
PSARC/2010/174 TMPDIR support for Solaris tar
PSARC/2009/646 bd - generic block device driver
PSARC/2010/028 BSD List Interfaces
PSARC/2010/181 PRIV_SYS_RES_BIND privilege
PSARC/2010/106 DTrace TCP and UDP providers
PSARC/2010/151 new socket options for TCP timers
PSARC/2010/083 Kerberos Profile API
PSARC/2010/188 PKCS#11 URI parser for libcryptoutil
PSARC/2010/177 KMF Certificate Name mapping extensions
PSARC/2010/144 lofi(7D) in non global zones
PSARC/2009/590 Socket Filter Framework
PSARC/2007/477 Drivers registering devids
PSARC/2010/222 Relaxed Type Requirements for SMF Profiles
PSARC/2010/215 Add libstmf interfaces to set/get default stmf properties
PSARC/2009/505 IRM Framework Extension(s)
PSARC/2009/430 Default system CA (X.509) Certificates
PSARC/2010/195 PKCS11 KMS Provider
PSARC/2009/042 max-processes rctl
PSARC/2010/240 Allow ranges for the 'cpus' datalink property
PSARC/2010/166 layer-3 net properties for exclusive-IP zones
PSARC/2010/239 OFUV Userland Interface
PSARC/2010/235 POSIX 1003.1-2008 *at(2) syscalls
PSARC/2010/241 userattr
PSARC/2010/111 exclusive IP for s10c
PSARC/2010/269 KMF Certificate Validation Enhancements
PSARC/2010/164 interfaces for basic install network configuration
PSARC/2010/113 Boot Block Downgrade Avoidance
PSARC/2010/234 IBTF 2010.Q2 Enhancements
PSARC/2009/617 Software Events Notification Parameters CLI
PSARC/2009/618 snmp-notify: SNMP Notification Daemon for Software Events
PSARC/2009/619 smtp-notify: Email Notification Daemon for Software Events
PSARC/2010/278 FMA/SMF integration: instance state transitions
PSARC/2010/279 Modelling panics within FMA
6914369 enable s10brand on system booted under xvm
6889694 COMSTAR kstat to track IO statistics at the ITL
6655655 Single phase COMMIT processing for NFS3 and NFS4 server
6830088 Fast reboot support for SPARC platforms
6871356 Sata framework should support INQUIRY VPD page 0xB1
6782858 Solaris needs Broadcom 5718 network support
4404421 RFE: tar command -z and -j support
6202362 Solaris tar can't unpack files created with GNU tar
6922272 SATA framework does not handle >2TiB disks
6939349 RFE: Update ksh93 to ast-ksh.2010-03-09
6923815 Implement FMA functionality in qlge driver
6889322 Add NLP2020 PHY support to nxge
6874797 Solaris needs to support I/O subtree reparenting
6945131 SMF should support multiple administrative profiles
6951174 Intel microcode 2010-02-09 update
6923890 Add FMA to SiliconImage si3124 sata driver
6946100 Add machine check and performance counter support for new member of Nehalem family
6937229 Solaris needs to support BCM5717 and BCM5724
6953601 improve logical unit creation time for zvol backed logical units
6910752 mpt_sas driver performance can be improved
6494473 ZFS needs a way to slow down resilvering
6917066 zfs block picking can be improved
6932959 ZFS allows too many devices to be faulted
6716117 ZFS needs native system attribute infrastructure
6675946 'zpool status' should show the progress of resilvering for individual disk.
6668666 zpool command should put a bootblock on a disk added as a mirror of a root pool vdev
6733267 Allow a pool to be imported with a missing slog
6959846 DMU traverse prefetch size should be a global tunable
6866610 Add SATA TRIM support
6908227 pyzfs needs to move to python 2.6

If any of the links point to nowhere or in the case of PSARC:s empty or almost empty directories there are no public information available besides the source.


Randy said...

Still no suspend to RAM (S3) or Suspend to Disk?

That's really the enhancment I've been waiting (patiently) for and it would go a long way to making Opensolaris useful on a laptop.

Henkis said...

Suspend to RAM (S3) have been available to a while, at least in development builds, including for example b134 which is the current development release available. I'we been using it for quite some time on my Thinkpad T61 and it works perfectly.

I think I just added this to /etc/power.conf and rebooted or refreshed the service:
S3-support enable

After that I was able to tell gnome to suspend the laptop when i closed the lid, and i got a suspend option in the shutdown dialogue.

Google telles me the uadmin 3 20 should put the machine into hibernation if it is enabled also.

Randy said...

Hello Henkis,

I have a Lenovo T60p (2623-DDU). I added the "S3-support enable" directive to /etc/power.conf and when I tell it to suspend, the screen goes blank, the laptop doesn't fully enter sleep mode. I have to power-cycle it in order to get it back. I've tried changing a few options in the file, but I've since given up. Nothing seems to work.

Henkis said...

Hello again Randy.

This is my power.conf from my T61, it works fine with suspend and the option is even available from the Gnome shutdown screen after a reboot:

device-dependency-property removable-media /dev/fb
autopm enable
autoS3 enable
cpu-threshold 1s
# Auto-Shutdown Idle(min) Start/Finish(hh:mm) Behavior
autoshutdown 30 9:00 9:00 noshutdown
cpupm enable
S3-support enable

If that does not work it your T60 might have some hardware that does not support suspend.