Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adam Leventhal also quits Oracle

It seems that Oracle is no place for talented high profile engineers, Adam Leventhal is also leaving Sun. Adam was also part of the team that created DTrace and latest Fishworks together with Bryan Cantrill who left a few weeks ago. The most known persons from the Fishworks team has their blogs linked from the site, even Mike Shapiro and Brendan Gregg which are still at Oracle. Nice to see that they keep together even when two of them have left Oracle.

I'm sad too see him leave Oracle but I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do. I can only hope that he in some way will continue to be involved with Solaris. Maybe hi swears his allegiance to Illumos just as as Bryan Cantrill did (He is VP of Engineering at Joyent which have stated they will be involved with Illumos). Maybe he even joins Mike at Joyent, it seem like a good fit for creative people, especially ex-Sun (I meet the Joyent guys a year ago over a lunch, fantastic people and a very interesting company).

The new home for Adams blog with the "Leaving Oracle" entry:

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