Monday, April 26, 2010

Some light on the horizon

There are finally some more signs that the next OpenSolaris release is getting closer to a release, some activity around the respin build of 134 have been seen lately.

Albert Lee summarized the encouraging news on the opensolaris-discuss list:

"Those of us feeling left in the dark might be pleased to know that build
134a, the first candidate for the next stable release of OpenSolaris, has
been tagged in Oracle's release branch (in project jargon: "snv_134a, the
first respin of 134, closed earlier this week"). A packaged build should be
available for internal QA soon, but even if it passes, it will be while
some time before the release can be published to the external repo."

Oracle might just keep their commitment to release 2010.1H the first half of CY2010.

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