Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oracle regarding Lustre and Solaris

Oracle have published a statement on their intentions with Lustre. It looks like they are fully committed to having ZFS on Solaris as backend storage. They also states that the supported solution for 2.0 will be Oracle servers, probably based on S7000(Fishworks):

"Customers who want the advanced features of Lustre 2 can purchase Oracle's integrated storage configurations to get the highest levels of reliability, performance, and support"

Regarding the kDMU on Solaris:
"Oracle continues to advance this integration between Lustre and ZFS on Solaris"

Oracle seems to be committed to both Lustre and Lustre on Solaris, but no clues on with parts will be available with source in OpenSolaris. Hopefully they only keep the glue and fancy interfaces to themselves as with fishworks under Suns ownership.

"Oracle intends for Sun Lustre Storage Systems built with Lustre 2 to include both the core file system and other components that may or may not be open source"

Here are Peter Bojanics presentation.

Peter have previously talked about the future of Lustre/Fishworks:

"Leverage Lustre to create truly differentiated storage solutions for Sun
Solaris Client & Server ports are going to become increasingly important
Fishworks Lustre Servers (dtrace/analytics video)
Solaris pNFS server based on Lustre"

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