Monday, April 5, 2010

OpenSolaris 2010.+

Just some rambling and lose ends concerning the next OpenSolaris release.

The planed release date for the next release of OpenSolaris has been passed, this date was set by Sun before Oracle took control. Sadly Oracle keeps quiet and are not giving any new dates, explanations or hints for the release. This is of course feeding the uncertainty and frustration in the OpenSolaris community. Even if the date would remain unset they could at least communicate that it has slipped but will be released when it's ready.

I hope this is not the way Oracle will handle the Sun legacy in the future or people might begin to feel blue. The openness of communication was one of the big advantages of OpenSolaris with Sun, sure releases slipped and people got upset but I've never had this feeling of being totally left out of the process.

There are however some several signs that a release is still planned in the near future, the internal name for the release, "2010.1H" is still actively used, that means the first release of 2010, or first half of 2010. A new internal fork for the PKG source was created for this release just a few days ago and a similar tag exists for the Caiman installer

Danek Duvall, April 2 on pkg-discuss:
"The pkg(5) gate is open again for business. Note that we're switching to an internal branch system to keep track of 2010.1H fixes, rather than an external gate like we did for 2009.06."

Here is the Blocker bug for the release at Bug 8314.

Notice the original schedule in the comments:
"This is the blocker bug for the OpenSolaris release slated for the second half of 2009. All blocking bugs for this release should set to block this bug."

The 2010.03 branch of the Caiman slim installer (slim_1003) is also actively being updated alongside the default development branch, so the developers are doing their part, just no official statements of the delay, but given the lack of external communications the internal developers may not have been told to stop working on the release.

Well, someone from Oracle has stated what we suspected and it's the same as it was right before the last release, no new dev builds before the 2010.03 release. Allan Coopersmith on opensolaris-discuss:
"Packages for the later builds have been built for all the gates, not just ON, but not published to while the 2010.03 release is being finished."


m0ps said...

Disappointing news... I just decided to convert part of servers (CIFS, SAN) from FreeBSD to OpenSolaris in our company

Henrik said...

There is a typo in the html syntax for the blocker bug link.

But the blocker bug for 2010.1 is strange, there seems to be only two show stopper bugs: a pkg related bug and a font configuration problems with java applications. The pkg bug won't be resolved with the given information in the report so it must be java font configuration bug that halts the release.

Or are there more bugreports hidden somewhere else?

Henkis said...

Henrik: Thanks. And I don't think that is the whole story, they probably have some other list internally at Oracle (Will it ever feel right to write that in a Solaris context?). I know of a handful of other bugs that where supposed to be in the snv_134a respin also.

M0ps: Good choice, hopefully that will not be a problem, we all expect to se a release soon, but the lack of communication is disturbing.

Giovanni said...

"The pkg(5) gate is open again for business. Note that we're switching to an internal branch system to keep track of 2010.1H fixes, rather than an external gate like we did for 2009.06."

More secrecy :)

I've realigned my expectations to consider the OSOL distribution simply an Oracle product and not a community effort, if it ever aspired to be that.