Thursday, April 1, 2010

News and two PSARC:s

This is only a relay of some news to keep you occupied while I'm working on a more interesting but far more time consuming posts.

The Fishworks simulator is available for download in a brand new 2010.Q1 version, no upgrade needed and now only for VirtualBox which also had a maintinance release last week (3.1.6).

Two new interesting PSARC:s have emerged the last week:

PSARC/2010/105 zfs diff
Like diff(1) but for ZFS, this will make it possible to calculate filesystem difference between two snapshots of a dataset.

PSARC/2010/106 DTrace TCP and UDP providers
This will add TCP and UDP providers to Solaris making thinks like the following possible (from the PSARC):
# Watch inbound TCP connections by remote address,
dtrace -n 'tcp:::accept-established { trace(args[2]->ip_saddr); }'

# Inbound TCP connections by destination port summary
dtrace -n 'tcp:::accept-established { @port[args[3]->tcp_dport] = count(); }'

# Watch inbound accepted TCP connections by process summary
dtrace -n 'tcp:::accept-established { @cpid[args[1]->cs_pid] = count(); }'

# Watch UDP total number of bytes sent/received by process
dtrace -n 'udp:::send,udp:::receive { @bytes[args[1]->cs_pid] = sum(args[4]->udp_length);}'

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