Wednesday, September 21, 2011

T4 focus in new S10 8/11 KUP

As expected Oracle is focusing on the yet to be released SPARC T4 processor in maintenance patches for Solaris 10 8/11. The recently released kernel patch has several changes specific for the new platform. All we need now is the hardware itself.

From patch 147440-02:
6994535: watchdog timeouts seen on small subset of T3/T4 systems
7014100: Solaris cpu-mondo queue filling up on T3/T4 systems
7040407: T4 should not advertise cspare hwcap
7045829: libc_psr memmove needs to avoid use of block init store for T4
7045836: memcpy on T4 could run substantially faster
7047568: perf counter changes for T4 1.2
7079983: T4 memcpy triggers compiler CR 7076485

Patch details 147440-02 - SunOS 5.10: Solaris kernel patch

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Anonymous said...

if only they could patch some basic remote vulnerabilities like the recent CVE for apache 2.2...