Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oracle announces SPARC T4 servers

Oracle have now announced the new line of servers based on the T4 processor. They come in three configuration ranging from 1 CPU/8cores with up to 256GB memory to 4 processors and up to 1TB of memory. There is also a blade version which has one processor and up to 256GB memory. The T4-1 and T4-2 processors are running at 2.85GHz and processors in the T4-4 are running at 3.0GHz.

Oracle claims a 5 times increase in single thread performance compared to previous T-processors while keeping the same high thread count and cryptographic acceleration. All the new systems support Oracle VM for SPARC, previously known as Logical domains (LDOMs). LDOMs will finally be an option for general workloads, and the supported version 2.1 also support live migration.

Supported Solaris releases are Solaris 10 8/11, Solaris 11 or Solaris 10 9/10,10/09 with 10 8/11 Patch Bundle.

SPARC T-Series
Oracle's SPARC T4-1, SPARC T4-2, SPARC T4-4, and SPARC T4-1B Server Architecture
SPARC T4 announcement

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