Thursday, September 15, 2011

Solaris 11 EA

A much updated pre-release of Solaris 11 is now available on OTN, it is supposed to contain all the final functionality of Solaris 11. Text installer for SPARC/X64 is available. live-CD for X64 as well as repository images.

This release should work all the same (64-bit) X86 systems as Solaris 11 Express, but on for SPARC you must have a T or M-series class machine, support for older UltraSPARC based system has been removed.

Thanks to Craig S. Bell for pointing this out in previous comments, I did not expect any new release before Oracle World.

Update: The build of this release is snv_171, the Solaris 11 Express release was based on snv_151a.

Solaris 11 Early Adopter Program

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Craig S. Bell said...

You're welcome. =-) My only trick was to search Twitter for Solaris (no tags), #Solaris, #Solaris11, &c. Occasionally I even find somebody new to follow. News often shows up there before I see it at

Although I'd love to dig deeper into the EA release, I am now thoroughly distracted by the arrival of Solaris 10 8/11, which contains ZFS install and upgrade features that I will definitely need soon at $DAYJOB.

All that, and T4 yet to come. Exciting times... -cheers, CSB