Friday, May 28, 2010

Putback and a new build for 2010.05

The DTrace TCP/UDP providers discussed in this post have now been integrated into the OpenSolaris source. Another useful enhancement also made it's way into the source, PSARC/2010/181 PRIV_SYS_RES_BIND privilege. This will make it possible delegate permission to bind processes to specific processor sets from within the zone.

A new build of what is to become the next release of OpenSolaris is also probably finished or at least very close to finished, the second respin of build 134, 134b:

Repository: /hg/pkg/gate
Latest revision: 48706bcc893fc2c3ed76528eb4bc4b5dcb940f95
Total changesets: 1
Log message:
16087 resync repository to snv-134b

1 comment:

Paul said...

I'm really looking forward to using the new probes.

Hopefully we'll see the re-spin come out as a CD in the next week or so which will shut up the people who have been whining incessently about "stalled" development.