Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's new for OpenSolaris 2010.05

Finally some more information on the upcoming OpenSolaris release, which also seem to have changed name from 2010.03 to 2010.05.

There is a new draft of the "Whats new" document for the OpenSolaris release available online. It lists the major new features thats available with the upcoming release. Hopefully it will be released in the next few weeks.

Update: The document was removed but it's now available again. This is basically the same document as the old 2010.03 version, with some minor modifications.


Kamil Kisiel said...

Doesn't seem to be available any more.

"You have reached this page because an error occurred. If you think that there could be a problem which requires our attention, please let us know at website-discuss AT opensolaris DOT org"

steve said...

That's a bogus URL, get a 404 when trying it.

casaubon said...

well, it's no longer there, so we just have to wait and pray. here's hoping that opensolaris will not die.

Henkis said...

No, the document have been deleted, but the old one for 2010.03 is still there. as you say, we'll just have to keep waiting a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

You can find a cached link on this blog site for OpenSolaris 2010.05 new features.