Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more Sunshine

Sun is no more.

This feels a bit awkward but Oracle has completed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems (JAVA, the stock ticker previously known as SUNW). I hope not everyone follows Jonathan's advise and let go of the Sun culture, the products and support are far from the whole value of the company. I also hope that the majority of all the talented people still at Sun will get a chance to continue to produce great hardware and software inside Oracle.

Lets hope something good comes out of this, that Oracle can make more money on the products from Sun and that more resources are spent developing existing and future technologies and products that relate to Unix and Solaris. I also hope that Oracle understands that we need the openness that we have come to learn from Sun in recent years, we want to be part of the development process and have access to the sources and development releases.

We'll have to wait for another hour or so to see the Oracle webcast will shred some light on all this.

Best of luck to all Sun employees and to the new Oracle corporation, goodbye Sun and thanks for the fifteen years I have known you. The next Sunrise will not be purple but pure red.

Read the announcement here.

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stahlawhile said...

oh my gosh but I just found your blog and I think we must be related. I'm subscribing and will follow along. I see you wrote this note in January and in the time since I've already begun to feel the "oracle" takeover of my beloved Sun and Solaris. Support had waned a bit in the last couple years at Sun but the last few months it's been an abomination. I'll email you some thoughts on that. Pat Stahl