Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last of the SXCE builds is out

Build 130 of Solaris Express Community Edition, SXCE have been released. This will be the last build of Solaris delivered in this form of distribution. All future OpenSolaris development will be in the form of the OpenSolaris 20xx.xx releases. As most of you know SXCE was the original distribution of the Solaris Nevada development branch, it uses the same packaging system and installation tools as Solaris 10. I've been using this distribution from the very beginning and am still using it since OpenSolaris does not include Xsun, only Xorg which lacks drivers for many framebuffers used in mature workstations. It looks like the currently running live upgrade of my SunBlade 1000 will be the last, should I be forced to switch my workstation every ten years if I want to keep up with the latest Solaris releases?

From the announcement on osol-discuss:
"There have been a number of questions regarding SXCE, so here is the
latest information.

* Nevada RE Build 130 will be the final SXCE build.
* Build 130 is scheduled for release on January 13th.
* The Build 130 images will be available for two weeks.
* After January 2010, all existing SXCE releases will be removed
from the SDLC (Sun Download Center) and no additional SXCE images
of any kind will be distributed.

* OpenSolaris 2010.03 is currently set for release on March 26th"

Since they will be removed from the download center it's probably a good time to download and archive your favorite builds soon.

If you are unfamiliar with the various Solaris distribution names, look here, the names are correct but some of the details are old.


BBoppie said...

That's really too bad SXDE/SXCE is being discontinued. I liked the interface and the tools supplied with it without resorting to using the Internet to get more software in order for it to function. Hopefully OpenSolaris will be as fast if not faster than Nevada. I think there should be a way to get software for OpenSolaris if you don't have an Internet connection at home the same way Solaris 10 Production had the companion disks to supplement it.

Henkis said...

I agree, in an ideal world SXCE would would have been delivered for a while longer for this reason and I would have liked updates to my old SPARC workstation that only works with XSun ;) IPS still lacks some features that SYSV packages did better, this is a important one. Not everybody have there servers connected to the internet and dependent on deployment size and network structure a internal IPS mirror might not be a viable solution.