Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First hints on Solaris 10 update 9

I come across some hints on changes in the the next Solaris 10 update probably scheduled around April, [45]/10? It looks like the zpool will be lifted to version 19 which would mean the following new high level features:

17 Triple-parity RAID-Z
18 Snapshot user holds
19 Log device removal

This would mean there would be no zpool deduplication in the next Solars 10 release, but that is not much of a surprise given that it was just recently integrated into ON. Triple-parity raidz and log device removal will nevertheless be a good addition while keeping the risk low.

It also looks like a iSER (iSCSI Extensions for Remote DMA) backport are in the works for this release.

Two additional 10G NIC drivers have mentioned update 9 integration in their respective PSARC:
Emulex PCIe converged NIC driver [PSARC/2009/526]
qlge - QLogic PCIe converged NIC driver [PSARC/2009/525]

Samba update to 3.4 also looks like it's aiming for this release together with iSCSI boot and Firefox 3.5.

Update2: The name for this release and additional features of ZFS is mentioned in a later post here.


Richard said...

Hey... Good G2. Any indiciation in those hints you found as to whether deduplication will be forthcoming?

Henkis said...

No, sorry, I'm not sure if Sun even knows, the contents of the next release would probably be set when we get closer to the release of update 9. With some indication that a OpenSolaris-based "Solaris 11", might not be too far away, one wonders how many more features they will backport to Solaris 10.

Then again, if they want to update ZFS in Solaris 10 they probably lifts most of the code again and dedup would be included, who knows, pure speculation ;)

My best bet would be OpenSolaris 2010.03 if you want dedupliation anytime soon.

lbofh said...

Oh, I feel so stupid. I finally understand what the title of this blog refers to.