Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OpenSolaris Text based installer update

There are finally some characters on the screen for the Text based installer project, the project pages have been updated. There is now access information for the project gate, build instructions and links to a code review (which does not seem to work right now).

The text installer is a essential part for bringing OpenSolaris into the datacenter, especally for the SPARC server which seldom have any framebuffers. Today the only installation option for OpenSolaris on SPARC is the Automatic Installer (AI) which requires DHCP service, a installation server and either access to external package repositories or a internal mirror.

This project will make it much easier to deploy single instances of OpenSolaris on your SPARC. X86 will also benefit from this, especially when installing inside xVM domains which today requires setup of VNC to perform a graphical installation.

A prototype for X86 was created this summer, read more here. The option for a interactive installation on SPARC have been promised for the next OpenSolaris release.

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