Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last open build before 2010.03 closed (b130)

There will not be any more major features added to the OpenSolaris builds before the next release, build 130 was closed today and now the gate will begin to freeze in preparation for the 2010.03 release. The next four builds will focus mainly on bug fixes and device drivers.

Here is the schedule for the remaining planned builds before release:
onnv_131        01/04/2010      01/11/2010 Bug fixes, escalations & device drivers only
** Winter Break (4 week build)
onnv_132 01/19/2010 01/25/2010* Bug fixes, escalations & device drivers only
onnv_133 02/01/2010 02/08/2010 Stopper fixes only
onnv_134 02/16/2010 02/22/2010* Stopper fixes only

heads-up: guidelines for builds 127-130
ON Build and WOS Delivery Schedule

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