Sunday, December 27, 2009

Build 130 available

There is some latency here during the holiday but on christmas eve the latest development version of OpenSolaris 2010.03 was released, it is based on build 130. This new release has move to a new major version of Xorg (1.7.3) and thunderbird (3.0). Later version of python and ruby among other changes. There have been some visible feature enhancement to the installation system also, read more in the full announcement.

"The ability to install on to an iSCSI target[1]

A new "bootable" Automated Install (AI) CD and USB ISO that
does not require an AI server to be setup[2]

Distribution Constructor enhancements to create OVF 1.0 virtual
machine (VM) images[3]

Extended and logical partition support for both the Live CD and
AI installers[4]"

Since we are getting close to the release and focus now is on fixing bugs (and delivering the text based installer), please give this build a spin and if you find any new bugs please report them as soon as possible. Look here for a quick introduction on searching the bug database and reporting new bugs. Be sure read the announcement before installing/upgrading, it includes several known bugs.

Note: there seems to be some problems on graphical workstations with this version, more specifically Nvidia OpenGL, look at the announcement and bug 6912450. It's probably a good idea to disable compiz prior to upgrading to b130 since failure of OpenGL will make the whole desktop unusable if compiz is enabled.

I've also updated the software version table .

ISO/USB images for SPARC/X86 is as usual available at

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