Thursday, October 6, 2011

More news from OOW 2011

Another quick update of things I've found out so far, I will write more when I find some spare time:
  • There will be a Solaris 11 release event the 9th of November
  • The final Solaris 11 release should be based on build snv_175
  • The next version of OpCenter (12C) will be able to manage existing zones (brown field)
  • The next update of Solaris 10 (in 2012) will be the last Solaris 10 update
  • Solaris developers claimed that part of the reason for not supporting older sun4u machines was due to the way cache was handled which was not optimal.
  • While Solaris 10 supports the SPARC T4 you will get optimal performance using Solaris 11 since some changes could not be backported.

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