Thursday, June 9, 2011

LDOM 2.1 with Live migration

Oracle VM 2.1 (previously LDOM, Logical domains) was released yesterday, it finally has the ability to perform live migration of domains, much like VMWare vMotion. It is supported on T2 and T3 servers, it should also work on the T4 when it's released this fall (or at least an updated version).

From the press release:
  • Live migration: Enables users to migrate an active domain to another host machine while maintaining application services to users. Live migrations are as simple as point and click using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center’s console.
  • Secure, encrypted migration included: On-chip cryptographic accelerators deliver secure, wire speed encryption capabilities for live migration – without any additional hardware investments.
  • Dynamic Resource Management (DRM) between domains: Ensures that domains running the most important workloads get priority for CPU access over domains with less critical workloads.
  • Increased maximum number of virtual networks per domain: Permits a dramatic increase in external access to domains.
  • Lower-overhead, higher scalability networking for Oracle Solaris 11 Express: Allows virtual network devices to use shared memory to exchange network packets, enabling improved performance and scalability.
  • Support for Virtual Device Service Validation: Immediately validates the name and path for a specified network device or virtual disk, greatly reducing the risk of incorrectly configured I/O.
  • Integrated Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) of Cryptographic units and virtual CPUs: Cryptographic units and CPUs are dynamically reconfigured together to simplify operations and ensure consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Management Information Base (MIB): Enables the SNMP MIB to use the latest Logical Domains Manager XML interface, permitting third party management software to access the new features and resource properties.
  • P2V tool enhancements: Bring more flexibility to quickly convert an existing SPARC server running Oracle Solaris 8, 9 or 10 into a virtualized Oracle Solaris image to run on SPARC T-series servers."

Oracle Announces Latest Version of Oracle VM Server for SPARC
Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1 Release Notes


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post.
I need go Affenberg, that only same CPU Type is supported by live Migration

Henkis said...

It would have been great if it where possible to migrate between different types of processors but I think it is hard to achieve. T3 crypto engines support additional algorithms, what would happen if you move a domain that is using that functionality to a T2? This is the case for VMWare vMotion also, they can not migrate between all sorts of processors, if one CPU supports SSE3 it can not be moved to one which lacks that instruction set.

At least it is poosible to do live migration now, most of the setups I have seen (pre live migration) have been a pair of equal hosts between which the domains can migrate.