Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Solaris patch metadata

I think there are a few people out there frustrated with the availability of Solaris patch information these days. Even if you have a support contract with access to all patches it can be a hassle to get good overview of new Solaris patches in My Oracle Support and even harder if you want to link to that information.

I have just found a fantastic site that provides patch metadata for Solaris in a format easy to view and search. It is also available to the public.

This is their reason for creating the site:
"When the merge of Sun and Oracle has been made, we lost a lot of tools that were present on the famous SunSolve. Like the ability to search efficiently for patches, bugids, sun alerts and so on. This website has the aim to provide part of this informations by indexing all the patches and bugids that we could gather publicly. We want to allow easy search to ease the life of solaris sysadmins."

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Anonymous said...

If you have a valid MOS account try PCA(Patch Check Advanced written by Martin Paul). It's the best third-party tool for "Analyze, download and install patches for Oracle Solaris".One tool for all version of Solaris(8,9,10 for SPARC and x86 architecture). It's based on "Pub Solaris patching metadata file" (patchdiag.xref).

See here

Bye M.