Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Samba 3.5.5 update for Solaris 10

Samba 3.5.5 is finally available for Solaris 10 in a supported way, SPARC patch 146363-01 and X86 patch 146364-01 updates the bundled Samba to version 3.5.5.

It should be available for download from if you have a support contact. If you do not have that you could try out Solaris 11 Express which has the same version and also has native CIFS support in the kernel. A short summary of CIFS support in Solaris 8 through Solaris 11 Express presented at SNIA SDC 2010 can be viewed here: JiriSasek-CIFS_Map_Solaris.pdf.

Update: There is another patch available updating SAMBA to 3.5.8 with also fix at least one serious issue that prevents renaming of files on a ZFS filesystem. The new patch is 119757-20.

Solaris Samba update
Solaris 10 update 10 update


Anonymous said...

If you wish to destroy your working copy of all means apply this patch. Otherwise, you will have to completely reconfigure Samba after you install it. is recommended you shutdown Samba PRIOR to running this patch. I got burned on a PCA -missingrs update...backed it out and now need to look at re-engineering the Samba install. YMMV

Henkis said...

I'm quite sure the "speciall install instructions" mentions that the configuration files has changed and moved and that samba needs to be disabled before applying the patch. But i guess PCA does not handle this when asked to apply the patches automatically.