Monday, February 21, 2011

FUSE in Solaris 11

It looks like the final version of Solaris 11 will get FUSE (PSARC 2010/456). It was previously under development for OpenSolaris but never integrated and the project has not been updated for at least year. It now seems like Oracle internally have resumed the FUSE development for Solaris 11 and plans to integrate it into the internal snv_163 build which opens in about a month.

"The FUSE project (PSARC/2010/456) introduces the UVFS file system so we need a uvfs.7fs to briefly describe this feature. Content will be provided by the
FUSE team.

Projected Nevada integration build is snv_163."

OpenSolaris FUSE project


DeLF said...

Curious, how did you find this out ?

Henkis said... ;)