Thursday, November 4, 2010

McNealy about Java and Capitalism

Scott McNealy held a keynote at the PostgreSQL database conference. He discussed the Sun acquisition, Java and capitalism. He highlights the points that Sun was trying to do "good" by sharing and working with the community and make money, while Oracle is focuses more on the money part and not so much on sharing.

"Sun was a company of "good capitalists," McNealy said -- implying virtuous as well as effective -- while Ellison is a "great capitalist." The end result is that "he's there and I'm here," meaning Ellison is still running Oracle and McNealy is without a job."


""Sharing's not Larry's middle name," McNealy said. But developers can always take the code for open-source projects and fork it into other projects, something he predicted will happen with both OpenSolaris and Java."

Read the full article at computerworld:
Scott McNealy talks Java, Oracle and Larry Ellison

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