Monday, October 25, 2010

Both Mike and Brendan quits Oracle

The last of the tree DTrace creators are now leaving Oracle, Mike Shapiro, who also was part of the FishWorks core team. Another member of the FishWorks team was Brendan Greg who also resigned from Oracle. Those of you who didn't now about Bredan before probably got to know who he was when he became famous for screaming at disks in a online video.

DTrace and ZFS is the core foundation of the S7000 storage appliance, now the whole team who invented DTrace is gone and so are the two core persons behind ZFS, Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore.

There are a lot of other great people behind these products, but the ones listed above are rare and extremly talented engineers and have all been part of breaking new ground in their area of expertice. The FishWorks team even created a usable web interface, a rare thing comming from Sun.

Mike Shapiro: End of file
Brendan Gregg: G'Day and Goodbye
Brendan Gregg screaming, Unusual disk latency
FishWorks, Now it can be told

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