Monday, July 26, 2010

Good luck Bryan

There are many good engineers working with Solaris, but a few of them get noticed a bit more. Bryan Cantrill is one of those and sadly he is now leaving Sun/Oracle. Bryan is the inventor of DTrace which he created together with Mike Shapiro and Adam Leventhal and he have even kissed a girl. Once upon a time he was requited to Sun Microsystems by Jeff Bonwick, the father of ZFS. The last few years he was a vital part of the FishWorks team used in the S7000 storage series that uses DTrace to produce graphical analytics of performance data.

I wish Bryan the best whatever he decides to do. I will keep an eye out for his next endeavor.

The new home of Bryan's blog which also holds his last entry from the Sun/Oracle blog:

Bryan's profile at Sun Labs: Bryan Cantrill - Sun Labs

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