Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Desktop updates for Solaris Next

Good things come to those who wait? I've seen some indication that the latest release of Gnome (2.30) have been integrated into the snv_140 build. It's tagged as OS-2010.06, but the OpenSolaris 2010.06 name seems to have been in use since April so that might not mean anything. Firefox also have been upgraded to 3.6.x in build 135 and onwards. Time slider have got an update which includes replication to external filesystems (PSARC/210/129). These updates are available in Solaris Next Development builds post snv_134 so they have not been released even in the development repository for OpenSolaris.

A desktop related thing that I've totally missed is that there are ongoing work for integrating Xorg 1.8.x. The source is available here.

It seems like Oracle still are aiming to reach developer and some desktop users with Solaris. I think this is good since people use what the know when comfortable and perhaps have seen the advantages they go on and use it on their servers. This is also good news for a future modern SunRay environment.

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Anonymous said...

I just wish they'd hurry up!