Saturday, March 27, 2010

New OpenSolaris IP administration

The overall objective for the Brussels project is to provide standard interfaces for network administration. Phase I of the project brought a unified way of administering datalinks including aggregations in OpenSolaris/Solaris 10 with the dladm(1M) command. Now phase II of the project have integrated doing the same for IP administration with ipadm(1M).

Besides making it easier to set up and manage interfaces by using ipadm instead of ifconfig and/or editing various files in /etc it will also make it much easier to get a overview of all addresses and interfaces on a host. A think that directly strikes me is that it will now be possible (without complicated regular expressions) to easy parse parse addresses and other information from active IP interfaces. Ifconfig does not provide the best output for parsing. All this will soon be available for testing in a development build (b137).

Set up an persistent new persistent address on e1000g0 and viewing it:
# ipadm create-addr -i e1000g0
# ipadm show-addr

e1000g0 static ok global U-p
PSARC 2009/306 Brussels II - ipadm and libipadm
PSARC 2010/080 Brussels II addendum
6827318 Brussels Phase II aka ipadm(1m)

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