Monday, March 22, 2010

Back with some lagging news

I'm back from my vacation and my first post will probably include lots of thinks you already know, but I want to list some interesting things that have happened.

Build 134 of OpenSolaris in now available as images and in the development repository. A new preview release of the text based installer is also available for this build. All the image is as usual available at At least one respin will be done before the final 2010.03 release, build 134a.

The 2010.Q1 release of the Fishworks software is available for download and works for the Storage 7000 appliance as well as the simulator. There are also a few good blog posts from members of the Fishworks team, concerning this release:
Turing the Corner, Multiple pools in 2010.Q1, Replication

A friend also sent me a link to Jonathans new blog outside Sun where he has a interesting entry about the importance of patents for defensive purposes: Good artist copy, great artists steal

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