Monday, November 23, 2009

ZFS crypto pushed to next year

With only a few weeks left of open build it might not come as a surprise that crypto for ZFS is not making it into 2010.03.I noticed that the ZFS crypto page have been updated with a new target date "Integration Target: Q1CY10".

This is probably wise with lots of fixes and new features for ZFS integrated since the last OpenSolaris release. This means that two out of four upcoming ZFS features that I wrote about in Mars made it in time for OSOL 2010.03. Hopefully both crypto and BP rewrite will be ready in time for the next (Open)Solaris release, when and how the new masters of Sun* decides to release it.

* Lets hope that the European Commission finally have come to their senses and freed Sun from this limbo by then. I guess they will at least delay this as long as they possibly can (mid January). Keeping the current pace the next release would probably be at least 6 months after 2009.03, so about a year from now.


Jeppe said...

Do you know whether the BP rewrite has a project going on or if it hasn't reached the formal stage yet?

In which case I guess that we're going to have to wait for quite some time before we see the benefits that it'll bring to ZFS.

Henkis said...

It's an ongoing internal project to Sun like dedupliation was, the first thing we will se of it is when it gets released. Matthew Ahrens wrote soon a year ago that he together with Mark Maybee was working on BP rewrite. And in Jeffs and Bills presentation at the KCA 2009 they had a slide with the current status:

"Now: Code works on quiescent pool
Soon: work with concurrent read/write activity
Finally: Configuration changes, out of space issues"