Friday, November 20, 2009

xVM sync with xen 3.4 integrated

Good news for those of us who use xVM in OpenSolaris, the sync with Xen 3.4 have been integrated into o ONNV. This means that it should be available in build 129 which should be released mid December.

Changes from the original 3.4 announcement from Xen:
" - Device passthrough improvements, with particular emphasis on support for
client devices (further support is available as part of the XCI project at
- RAS features: cpu and memory offlining
- Power management - improved frequency/voltage controls and deep-sleep
support. Scheduler and timers optimised for peak power savings.
- Support for the Viridian (Hyper-V) enlightenment interface
- Many other x86 and ia64 enhancements and fixes"

It does not look like there is support for device passthrought like PCI devices in Solaris yet though, so this part of the above announcement is probably irrelevant to xVM at this point.

More info on the putback is avaiable here:

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