Sunday, August 3, 2008

Software releases and iPhone

We all know how irritating it can be when software is not released on schedule, but the alternative is often way worse. I bought a 3G iPhone on launch day and since then i have grown more and more frustrated with the quality of the new 2.0 OS. Application crashes, reboots and slowdowns, its not was i was expecting from Apple. And it has now been over three weeks without any updates or reliefs, lets hope the next update will be worth the wait. Today i use my iPhone several hours a day, and i get at least one reboot, several crashes and a few slowdowns(solved by a reboot in windows style) every day. I love the devices and all the features but this is not acceptable for a device that you depend so much on.

When all this is solved they only need to integrate some standard features that all other smart phones has such as MMS, bluetooth file transfer, cut&paste and the ability to send contacts to other phones.

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