Thursday, August 7, 2008

iPhone software update

Apple has released a update to the iPhone OS, 2.0.1, it seems to have fixed most of the problems i have had with the device. It have not crashed in two days now, and applications also work much better. The only problem so far is Safari which has gone down about once a day. Hopefully they also update iTunes soon, there are some very irritating problems with syncing and applications updates. iTunes wants to update all of my applications for no reason and there are several instances of the same applications which gets downloaded.

Too bad the sync process takes such a long time to complete with 2.0, it could probably have been at least a bit better if the had not abandoned firewire for the iPhone, it is much faster than USB 2.0 in data transfer.

But overall i am am happy, i now have a device i can depend on again, it's a nightmare to be on vacation with a flaky smartphone;)

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