Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oracle forces wesunsolve to close

In another blow against the community and the people who work with or/and have interest in their products Oracle now has forced to close.

In the last two years it has been of tremendous value for administrators who find their support site hard to navigate and the a good overview of patches and updates.

I see nothing Oracle can gain by doing this, no patches where available only metadata with links to their own support site for downloads ( if you have an account with access to the patches ).

Since they already done a much, much worse thing by closing the OpenSolaris source this comes as no surprise. The way companies treat innovation and community efforts are important when you chose a operating system or database engine. Tell your sales representative what you think about these things.

A huge thanks to the people who put time and effort into making, it was very useful and will be missed.


Martin B said...

Yes indeed, was THE replacement for old and helped a lot in Solaris admin tasks. The maintainer should be employeed by Oracle not prosecuted by its legal department, see

Anonymous said...

Martin, that Oracle org chart seems inaccurate. Shouldn't the engineering division be *under* the legal division?

Anonymous said...

As much as I liked WeSunSolve, and I used it, and hoped it would last, it was obvious from day one that it was at the very least infringing on Oracle's trademarks. And a trademark must be defended or be lost.
Copyright issues were another definite possibility, because it was copying a lot of stuff, copyrighted content is not limited to patches and binaries.

Yes, a technically great tool. A pity that Oracle is not able or willing to do an equivalent. But sadly, that they don't do it themselves is not enough to make it legal...

I'll have a chat with our salespeople, again.

Anonymous said...

One more feature cut by Oracle.
It's one more push for the community to transition to Linux systems. With 2 clicks I could see if another patchset was out, and with a few more, if I needed to invest time to go to the Oracle site. Sysadmin time is valuable. Oracle could have put up a section on their site for the sunsolve area to live, an enticement to go view Oracle information. Instead, we have to login to the slow site and slog through the pages. Well, in the future, I'd rather go someplace that cares to maximize my time.