Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ZFSSA/S7000 major update

The first major software update of S7000/ZFSSA/Fishwork in over a year is now available. With the original version "2011.Q1" it seems a bit delayed, perhaps due to the departure several key persons behind the software post Oracle acquisition of Sun. New features in this release:
  • ZFS RAIDZ read performance improvements
  • Significant fairness improvements during ZFS resilver operations
  • Significant zpool import speed improvements
  • Replication enhancements - including self-replication
  • Seval more including bug fixes.
There are alsoa few integration features for Oracle including RMAN and Infiniband if you happen to have a Exadata around.

The improved RAIDZ performances is the hybrid raidz/mirror allocator in zpool version 29.

The ZFSSA is a fantastic product with probably the best interface and analytics available. But the development seems to have stagnated a bit the last year, so have the blog post with useful information and performance comparison by the people behind it. And I still miss one feature badly; synchronous replication of datasets, continuous replication is not always good enough.

Release Notes

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