Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Joyent illumos August update

Joyent have released a bunch of enhancements and fixes they have made to their illumos-joyent code branch. Everything is available in their public repository and most are awaiting for someone to integrate into illumos.

There are a lot of changes, the majority of them are related to zones or trace. Here a short list of some interesting change sets:

OS-359 want local zone TCP kstats in the global zone
OS-433 load average should be virtualized for zones
OS-424 want kstats for per-zone cpu usage
OS-11 rcapd behaves poorly when under extreme load
OS-486 DTrace needs toupper()/tolower() subroutines

A more complete list is available in the announcement mail from John Sonnenschein to illumos-devel: Illumos Joyent August 2011 update

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