Monday, July 25, 2011

c0t0d0s0 closes down

The well know Solaris blow c0t0d0s0 run by Oracle employee Joerg Moellenkamp is now closed. Joerg gives no exact explanation why it is shut down, but there is a list of reasons that was not behind the decision.

It sad to see a good Solaris releated blog go away, we served very much the the same interest-group. I would not be surprised if Oracle has something to do with all this, it all feels a bit unclear and sudden. They have never been very found unstructured information being released out from the company. Before the acquisition Joerg used to write posts about upcoming Solaris features, much the same as I do when that kind of information is released in any public way.

Thanks for these year Joerg!

The LKSF book (Less Know Solaris Features) will be kept online here.

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