Monday, September 20, 2010

New Fishworks release at OpenWorld

Server new products in the S7000 line of the ZFS based OpenStorage products from Oracle was released today. The smallest is the 7120 that comes with configuration from 12TB. The most interesting addition is the 7420 which comes in configurations up over 1PB with optional clustering and caches up to 1TB of RAM and 4TB of Flash. The X4470 or something similar is the Sun server what fits the specification of both the 7420 and the 7720 (which seems to be a in rack cluster version). It features 512GB of memory per controller and can support up to 32 cores just as the 7420. This makes my 7310 feel very even smaller. I guess this is the "Sun T4" I have been referencing earlier.

This is just various hardware configurations running the same OpenStorage software as before, we will see if there is some new features coming in an update to the software.

Oracle Unveils Next-Generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Product Line
Sun ZFS Storage 7720 Appliance

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