Monday, June 14, 2010

First hundred posts

This post is my hundredth entry in this blog, my first entry was in November 2007, but it was not until 2009 I begun to post more frequently. During this time I have also, almost exactly at the same time gotten a sector of 512 subscribers. I had hoped that this entry would be the announcement of 2010.1H, but still seems to be a few weeks or at least days off. If the are quick it will still be a binary number in my posting sequence.

And if you missed any of these the last week they are both worth a read, the first one is Brendan Greggs blog, he has recently had an article published about visualizing latency. The article is also available:

And this is a link to a presentation which includes, again the roadmap for Solaris and OpenSolaris, it mentions both 2010.1H and Solaris 10 update 9:

Oracle Employee Frederic Pariente seems quite enthusiastic in his blog regarding a "Oracle Solaris Day" the 28th of June. We can only hope that it means that some more public information is supposed to be available by this date:

"Lots have been written about Solaris over the past few months. About its continued investment at Oracle, about OpenSolaris, about its licensing policy, about third-party support, etc. It is time you hear directly from the source the true state of Solaris at Oracle and its future. We would like to invite you to attend a half-day seminar on just Oracle Solaris. We will also cover your migration path, as a Sun Partner Advantage member, to Oracle Partner Network so you can continue to receive support from Oracle for your own investment and specialization in Solaris!"

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