Monday, August 17, 2009

Solaris 10 Update 8 (10/09) is coming

Another release of our workhorse Solaris 10 is near completion. I have dug up some of the enhancements from what's available outside of SWAN. There seems to be quite a bit of new stuff going into this release:
  • Turbo-charging SVr4 packaging (speed enhancements for install/patch/upgrade)
  • Zone parallel patching (already available by patch 119254-66)
  • Interrupt resource management
  • ZFS user/group quota
  • Wicked fast memstat
  • Extended VTOC (for booting from > 1TB disks)
  • NTP version 4
  • FMA support for intel Core i7
  • MPT driver enhancements
This will also be the first release that will be transferable into a S10 branded container in

All this is of course my own educated guesses based on what i could find outside of Sun, but I would be surprised if it is much different from what will be released.

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