Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bug Hunting

The last few weeks I have been a good Solaris citizen and reported several bugs against Solaris Nevada: (I have provided the links if the CR is available online)

6803634: virt-install panics in module mac with Jumbo frames enabled
This bug made the system panic when installing a domU which used a network with jumbo frames enabled, it has now been fixed.

6805659: Phantom volume in ZFS pool
This bug causes phantom device links to be left after a zvol has been destroyed.

6815540: Live upgrade is too picky with datasets in non root pools
This is related to live upgrade, live upgrade keeps track of all filesystems used on a host, if any one of them have been removed lumount and ludelete stops working. If you want to delete your old boot environment a few weeks after upgrade and any filesystem has been removed, it will fail before this is fixed.

6815701: snv_109 hangs in boot with SATA enabled on GeForce 8200
My storage node at home hangs when booting snv_109 and SATA is enabled in the BIOS.

As you probably know, Solaris Nevada is the development branch of Solaris. It's not production software so when you use it your are part of the test process.

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