Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update 6 released and attach/detach (updated)

After a long wait update 6 of Solaris was released a few days ago and is available for download. All new features is listed here, as i have mentioned earlier the bulk of the changes are in the major ZFS update, including ZFS boot. This is a great update to a already good OS, but i was extremely disappointed to see that they have not fixed the attach/dettach bug related to patch history yet, it have been waiting for this fix for well over a year. In this update bugid 6637869 (zone attach doesn't handle obsolete patches correctly) is fixed but a new one is listed in known issues, bugid 6710545 (fix for 6550154 doesn't always ignore older patches).

What this means is that it is still not enough to be on the exact same patch level on both machines when moving zones in a supported way, all patches have to be applied in the same way, have the same history. Otherwise it might not work. I don't know what update on attach can do for this, but that is not the point, attach is still broken.

Update, Gerald kindly informed me that this is indeed fixed in Solaris 10 10/08 (137137-09) But it is stated as an issue in the release notes, which i based this post on.


Gerald said...

Actually, all three of the bugs mentioned are fixed in s10u6 so those won't be an problem
when using zone migration.

Henkis said...

Thank you Gerald, that is great news. Now that the patch is also released i can see in sunsolve that 6710545 is indeed included in 137137-09.

But it is stated as problem in the release notes for Solaris 10 10708:

"zoneadm attach Command Might Fail (6550154)
When you attach a zone, if the original host and the new host have packages at the same patch level but at different intermediate patch histories, the zone attach might fail. Various error messages are displayed. The error message depends on the patch histories of the two hosts."